Losing British buyers must not result in losing business
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Losing British buyers must not result in losing business

Losing British buyers must not result in losing business
Swedish are buying properties abroad like Brits used to do 10 years ago. Belgian nationals account for every third property sales in Spain and wealthy Russian investors still looking for “exit from Russia” strategies.

“I have always been a great believer in Swedish, Russian, and Benelux markets – says Ms. Jurga Skrabulyte (Co-founder and Managing Director of  Domus Alliance – leading real estate marketing consulting & PR company in Benelux, Scandinavia and Russia). We started investing in the Benelux, Swedish and Russian markets well before everybody else did and that’s the main reason of our success today. We rarely get enquiries with budgets lower than Eur 200,000.   65 % of our clients have budgets of over Eur 450,000”. 

“Over the next 3 years, your main buyers will be Swedish, Dutch and Belgian. Concentrate on these lucrative markets” - advise, which Ms. Jurga Skrabulyte gives to her clients, most of them being leading European real estate developers & agencies.

If the British buyers were easily accessible by the international real estate professionals (real estate exhibitions organised several times per year, internet portals on which developers could list their properties and generate buyer leads, various email marketing companies offering lead generation service), finding buyers in Benelux and Sweden could be a challenging task even for the most experienced marketing directors.  

“Tell us how many buyer leads your sales team can cope with and we will give you the best buyer finding solutions. We know what works and what doesn’t in Benelux, Russia and Scandinavia”- says team of consultants at Domus Alliance. 


 - The only company, representing developers  at over 20 international real estate exhibitions each year (Benelux, Germany, Scandinavia, Russia)

- Over 11 years of experience in consulting & helping property developers in  generating sales from Benelux, Russia and Scandinavia

- We have been generating business for the industry’s top players, such as: Savills, Oceanico Group, Fred Olsen, Pestana Golf & Resorts, Sotheby’s (France), Remax, International Hotel & Casino and many more

- Strong local partnerships: strategic partner with the largest real estate exhibition organizers in Benelux, Russia and Scandinavia (ITE, Second Home International, Fair Media, Domexpo)

- Impressive network of buyers  (10,000+ active real estate buyers in Benelux & Scandinavia. 20,000+ active real estate buyers in Russia) 

- Over 7500 new buyer leads added to our databases each year (exhibitions, private events, referrals)

- An unparalleled network of trade contacts  - 9,430  international real estate agents, IFA’s, lawyers, family offices, wealth management companies (Northern & Western Europe) & 6,000+ real estate agents in Russia

We have helped our clients by achieving more sales and saving at least 40% on their budgets by using our strong, personal industry’s relationships (local media, PR companies, exhibition organizers, advertising companies, governmental bodies & international real estate associations)

Interested in finding buyers or recruiting agents in Benelux, Russia & Scandinavia?

Contact us on E: info@domusalliance.com  T:  +44 208 144 5841

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